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Towing a car when it turns out that a living thing was in it should probably represent the low point of anyone’s tow truck driving career. It took me a little while to realize that something was scurrying around inside of the car. I opened up the trunk and it turned out to be a raccoon. I screamed and jumped back while the beast ran off. I can only imagine how it got in there, and I hope it wasn’t someone’s pet.

Jackline was in a hotel spa for a oil nuru massage, and at the hotel, there were no enough massage therapists available. So she was forced to wait for his friend to finish before she could go in. After about thirty minutes, his friend came out and Jackline rushed to the massage table. The massage therapist started the session. She started climbing to the table and straddle at Josphina massaging his back. The next thing that blew jackline out was that, the massage therapist sat on her, buttock to buttock and lied down on her and starts to shim, shake and using the heels of her feet on his back. Jackline shouted to her to come out, and she responded. Then she told Jackline that that was a normal thing and she usually does it in her massage sessions.

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